The Team

Jeany Park, CEO & Video Producer

Jeany is a published author, International Speaker, and has an extensive background as a Professional Actress for the Stage (Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Guthrie Theatre, Victory Gardens Theater, Mu Performing Arts, Penumbra Theatre, Mixed Blood Theatre etc.) and On Camera (Drop Dead Gorgeous, Investigating Kingdom Hospital, Mayo Clinic, McDonald's, Target, Best Buy, General Mills etc.) Jeany is also a trained Life Coach (Coach Training World) and Public Speaking Coach, and is now absolutely passionate about creating transformative experiences for women entrepreneurs and their businesses, through the power of video and visibility.

Geoff Weinberg, CTO & Videographer

Geoff  heads up the Videography department at Compass Rose Video and likes to think of himself as the CTN, or Chief Technical Nerd. With a background in electrical engineering, he has worked at several top bio-medical engineering companies in Oregon and Minneosota. In his spare time, Geoff loves hammock camping, target archery, and running D&D games for their daughter Hannah and her friends.