We strongly believe that the best results are achieved when our clients are supported during every step of the video making process: from a lengthy initial messaging (script) consultation, to a fully styled video shoot, to your final marketing strategy consultation. We guarantee our work, and our promise to you is to create beautiful, professional videos that highlight your authenticity, that you can't wait to share with the world.


Our Video Branding Package includes:

  • support with your messaging/content creation

  • on set coaching/directing

  • teleprompter (if desired)

  • a half day or full day(s) video shoot

  • styled set/props - in studio, or at your location

  • professional editing

  • music track

  • your logo

(captioning and/or transcribing on your videos is available for an additional fee)

 *Video Branding Shoots are available in the Portland, Oregon area only - contact us at for availability and rates

**Most finished, edited videos end up being 1-10 minutes in length, but in certain scenarios, we can create longer form videos


Monthly Video Membership Club


Compass Rose Video is thrilled to offer this unique service, where our members can creating multiple, fully branded videos with us (including all the juicy elements listed under "Video Branding Package", see above) on a flexible schedule and with discounted monthly payments, spread out over either 6 or 12 months. So that's 6 videos for 6 months, or 12 videos for 12 months.

As far as we know, NO OTHER VIDEOGRAPHY COMPANY OFFERS THIS BENEFIT! So why do we offer this? Because we truly believe that video is the most powerful marketing tool out there, that everyone deserves access to, to help grow their business. That, plus we have a love affair with our clients - we bend over backwards to make it work for you! Here's how it works:


  • You could do 1 video per month (e.g. for your social media video blog) for 6 months, and enjoy 6 equal and discounted payments.

  • OR you could do up to 3 videos at a time (e.g. for your product launch, or website/landing page videos) and you can still take advantage of discounted monthly payments.*

*In this scenario, all 3 video files would be released as soon as we receive payment for those respective months
  • Captioning/transcription for your videos is available for an additional fee per month, or on a case by case basis





Q: How is the 12 month package different than the 6 month package?

A: It works exactly the same as the 6 month package, except you get the 12th month free! This is by far the most cost effective way to create beautiful, branded videos with us over the long haul.


Q: What's the catch?

A: There  is none. However, we promise to work out with you ahead of time the payment schedule, payment amounts, due date for payments etc. In short, we promise you will have ZERO surprises, as far as payments are concerned.


Q: What if I'd prefer a 3 month, or 7 month structure. Do the plans need to be only either 6 or 12 months? 

A: We can work with you on creating your customized Monthly Membership Plan - 6 and 12 months are just our most popular offerings. However you only get 1 month free if you sign up for the 12 month plan.


Q: What's the monthly price?

A: We have two set monthly fees - 1) if we're shooting at your location 2) if  we're in the studio and creating a styled set for you (see the photo below for an example - as you may have guessed, the 2nd is more expensive.) Email for rates, or schedule your call with Jeany by going to the bottom of our ABOUT PAGE.


Q: Do the plans operate on the calendar year?

A: No, you can jump in any month. However, the payment plan is limited to consecutive months, beginning the 1st month that shooting begins.


Q: Is there a cap to how many members you accept into your club?

A: Yes! We, unfortunately we can accept only 10 members at a time and the Club is filling up rapidly, so if you're interested in signing up - don't delay!