No Brainer Video Marketing Strategy Training

This 5 part eCourse breaks down everything a beginner needs to know to start making DIY videos that look professional, and how to use them on social media by creating a No Brainer Video Marketing Strategy. This course contains a training series of 14 videos, the No Brainer workbook including script, calendar & social media templates, and an equipment recommendation list.

  • Module 1: Assess your Ideal Client & Current Marketing Strategy
  • Module 2: Begin - How to Create a Never Ending Stream of Video Content
  • Module 3: Calendar - How to Schedule Your Success by Time-blocking your Video Shoots
  • Module 4: DIY - All the basics of DIY videography using your cellphone incl lighting, sound & background
  • Module 5: Evaluate - How to track your Video Engagement on Social Media
  • *Bonus Module: Beginning Editing
eCourse: No Brainer Video Marketing Strategy

This is a 12 part Video series with instruction on all the basics of what you need to know to get started with Video Marketing today.

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Look and Sound Like a Pro On Camera™

This 10 part online course is designed to help you Look and Sound Like a Pro On Camera and includes the following topics

  • Finding your frame
  • Body language
  • Warmup
  • The text of your video
  • The four W's
  • Grounding yourself
  • Lighting and Camera Angle
  • Makeup
  • Wardrobe
  • Mindset
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Geoff Weinberg, CTO

Geoff Weinberg, CTO


1:1 Technical Support for you questions/issues such as uploading video files, creating a Youtube channel, beginning editing etc with our resident Video Nerd, Geoff Weinberg. There are no stupid questions, really! Sign up for your 30 Min Video Nerd videoconference session by purchasing your session and then email Geoff at to sing up for your time.