Thank you for 2 great years!

A little over 2 years ago, I decided to start a company borne out of a desire to serve people just like me - entrepreneurs working their butts off, trying to figure out the marketing thing, having heard about the importance of video, but having no idea what to do.

We've been through a lot of changes: dropping the marketing coaching piece, ramping up the videography, and we've also been through some organizational shifts & growing pains. Most importantly, we have grown to a 6 person team now, and have gotten really good at the craft of video making, thanks to you!

Hope you enjoy this sweet little video that is a love letter to all of you, our tribe, who have supported us, brought out the best in us, and become our cherished clients. Thank you for being part of the Compass Rose Video family!

We look forward to many years of serving you!

xo Jeany & Geoff
Compass Rose Video Founders

When to use black & white

We were honored to collaborate with photographer & thought leader Jennifer Alyse of Jennifer Alyse Photography on this promotional video for her upcoming event called Empowered. We opted to process this in black & white because it creates a dramatic effect, and comes across as artistic - both of which capture Jennifer's branding. 

Think about it, when someone refers to black and white, the first thing that pops to mind will be classic black and white photography, does it not? We don't normally see a lot of black & white videos for example on Facebook ads, or when we're browsing on Youtube.

So if you're looking to bring some edge, drama and/or artistic sensibilities to a particular subject matter, consider shooting it - or processing it - in black and white. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks for watching,


Behind the scene at our home studio

I've been doing a lot more livestreaming lately, and I'm going to pass on one of my favorite tips to you right here, right now! Do a livestream when you're behind the scenes of something educational and fun! For example, here's a livestream I did this morning at the videoshoot for one of my favorite all time clients, Dara Corey, High Performance Business Strategist & International Speaker. She also happens to be my business coach.

We taped the 2nd part of her speaker reel at our home studio/converted living room (the 1st part took place at one of her talks.) I wanted people to see not only what it's like behind the scenes of a videoshoot, it also teaches potential clients that if you shoot a video with us in our home studio or in yours, it's less expensive because we don't have to pass on the cost of the space rental.

See? Lots of engagement, and I'm also accomplishing lots of other objectives. So when thinking about livestreaming, make sure you take advantage of entertaining, educational and fun events to create maximum engagement with your audience.

Thanks for watching!

Jeany Park
CEO, Compass Rose Video


What if you don't want to appear in your videos?

I know, I know, some of you will NEVER be caught dead in front of a video camera, even though you know that you need video marketing for your business. Well this post is for you!

And the reason may be that you are extremely introverted, perhaps you were traumatized by a past experience on camera, or maybe you're struggling with a physical change e.g. weight gain or just plain old aging! 

The bad news is that - yes, you still need video! But the good news is, there are ways to make videos for your business without having to appear in them. Click on the image above to learn about them. And know that at Compass Rose Video, while we do specialize in videos with human bodies in them - we can make other kinds of videos as well. Just email me at to set up a time so I can explain more.

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Are your DIY videos 'good enough?'

If you've ever tried your hand at making your own video, most likely with your smartphone, chances are you watched the playback and asked yourself, 'is this good enough to post?' Well, on this Q&A Monday, I answer this same question sent to us by Jane in Portland.

There are so many elements involved in making a decent quality video, right? Click on the video above to hear my response and to find out where you can find loads of free tips on nailing your DIY videos every time.

And my #1 tip for DIY videos? Done is better than perfect. :)

Type in your question about video in the Comments section below, and I may just answer it on the next Q&A Monday!

Thanks for watching,


4 Tips on Creating your Video eCourse

If you've been thinking about expanding your offerings online, chances are that you're considering creating some kind of online course, or eCourse, in order to create an evergreen product aka 'making money while you sleep.' Or perhaps you have already created such an animal, but it was basically a screenshare of a powerpoint + voiceover.

Well, as you've most likely noticed, this is now considered passe and incorporating talking head video is where it's at! When your audience can see your beautiful face talking passionately and knowledgeably about your subject matter, they connect with you on a deeper subconscious level, and are much more likely to want to coach with you, and/or sign up for your higher priced offerings.

In fact, some eCourse platforms, like Udemy, demand that at least 20% of your course is made up of video or they won't even consider you! Watch my video in order to hear a few free tips on creating your own professional eCourse using video. Email me at if you want to sign up for a free 30 min consultation on how YOU can incorporate video for your next eCourse!

Thanks for watching!

Jeany Park
CEO, Compass Rose Video

Getting comfortable on video

2017 is the year of Video! From a content marketing perspective all the research is in and you're seeing it everywhere for yourself, am I right? And yet I know that some of you still aren't jumping in - time to get real, what's the holdback? 

Don't like the way you look on camera? Not sure what to say? Afraid of what people will think? I know, because I hear this from people every single day. Listen to my podcast interview on From Stuck to Unstoppable with Jenn Aubert of Learn Savvy to hear about how to get unstuck and for some great tips on leveraging video for your business. Click here for the podcast.

I wish you all the growth, abundance, peace and joy for this coming year that your imagination can muster! May it be your best year yet, and may your content be chock full with videos!!

xo Jeany

Holiday Video 2016

At Compass Rose Video, we talk throughout the year about the importance of video: how to do it, why you should be doing it, and some tips & techniques to help you get there.

To show our gratitude, we created a video that we think captures the spirit we try to bring to all of our videos. In the comments section below, please tell me what YOU think that spirit encompasses - I'd love to hear.

To you & yours from me & mine, hope your Holidays are the Happiest!

Thanks for watching all year long.

xo Jeany

Video Interview with the Chief Technical Nerd

Did you know that my business partner is also my husband? In this interview, you will meet Geoff Weinberg who is the CTO, or Chief Technical Officer at Compass Rose Video. Of course, he likes to call himself the CTN, or Chief Technical Nerd.

In the video above you will learn more about Geoff, how he got started, what he does at CRV, and what it's like for him to have his wife as his boss. Make sure you watch until the end for the bloopers!

Geoff offers coaching on video editing and/or any technical challenges you may be facing with your equipment, or uploading your video files. You can reach him at

Thanks for watching!


Focusing Our Business

Announcing the new development in our business...we are going to be focusing on...(drumroll please!) VIDEOGRAPHY!!!

I know what you're thinking: "But this is what you guys have been focusing on all along!" True dat, true dat. However, we've had somewhat of a revelation recently. As you may know, we have had a dual focus at Compass Rose Video of both videography, and in addition, coaching in the form of private 1:1 clients, and group coaching with my Mastermind Circle. 

We've decided, for now, to focus more on the videography and let go of the coaching aspect of the business for the main reason that we'd rather do 1 thing really well, than 2 things only medium well. Wait, that sounds like I'm ordering a burger! ;)

Click on the image above to learn more about this development! Interested in talking about what kind of video YOU should be making to market your business right now? Then email me at to set up your free Video Branding Strategy session.


Thanks for watching!


Don't scare away your clients!

Do you wanna know what's really scary? Looking like a clown in your videos! Click on the image above to watch my interview with professional Hair & Makeup Artist Madeline Roosevelt, who is also an entrepreneur & President of Single Moms Planet in Portland. Check our her Facebook page at to learn more.

In my interview, Madeline shares great tips on how to show up looking your best, the kind of products that work best on video, and how you can carry your branding through even when it comes to makeup!

This is the 3rd video in our series "How to Make DIY Videos that Look Professional." If you missed the first two on wardrobe & background, check out my Vlog page by clicking here.

Happy Hallowe'en, and remember, don't scare away your clients by using poor makeup techniques in your videos!


Thanks for watching,


Images, Branding & Video

I was so excited to interview my friend and Branding Specialist Britney Gardner of She is an amazing photographer and brand strategist who always kills it in social media. 

Click on her gorgeous photo above to watch our interview using the Blue Jeans app - which was supposed to have allowed us to joint livestream right to FB. Alas, there was a glitch in the matrix, but at least we got this recording dialed in!

Listen to our conversation to learn more about why it's so important to show up as yourself anytime your image appears in photos, on video, and in any of your social media postings. FYI Britney and I are both opening up free 30 min brand strategy consultations for anyone who wants to do a deeper dive into what this might look like for you!

Contact me at or Britney at in order to take advantage of our offer!

Thanks for watching,


Use text & other visuals in your Videos

Did you know that 82% of Facebook users view videos without the sound on? So how do you make sure that viewers will tune in long enough to catch your important content?

Apart from captioning and/or holding up handwritten notes on paper (that can get old after a while) you can insert text and other visuals in your video to cue your audience. For example, in this video that we created for Little Engineers starring owner Czarina Boyce, we inserted graphics and text that lets her prospective customers know valuable information such as age range, services, and special offerings that her business provides. 

You'll also notice the huge logo in the background whenever the camera is focused on her, and the logo is prominent on the t-shirt she is wearing, and that several of the kids are wearing as well.

Make sure that everything you use goes with your business's branding so that nothing looks out of place. The effect should be seamless!

Let us know if this has been helpful by writing in the comments below!



My Interview with Dana Corey

I recently had the opportunity to interview and be interviewed by Dana Corey, a high powered business coach who now earns multiple 6 figures/year helping entrepreneurs become the CEO's of their businesses. Dana is also a client, a mentor and I'm happy to say, a dear friend.

The thing is, that every time I would help Dana with one of her videos I would learn so much from chatting with her and she always had the best content! So I wanted you to benefit from learning how she grew her business, the secret to her success - and what does this all have to do with sex toys? (We really have your attention now, don't we?)

Turns out that Dana has been intrigued with my progress as a newer entrepreneur, and she had some questions for me as well - so if you've ever been curious about how I've grown my business so quickly, here's where you can learn the answer.

Also, Dana wants you to know that she's holding 5 open spots for you as members of my tribe, to get business clarity consults. First 5 to respond will get her eyes on your stuff and strategies for your business during a 60 minute call. Trust me, you don't want to miss out on this opportunity! You can connect with her at

Until next time!



My podcast interview on Bidsy

I was so honored to be invited as a guest on Rob Barisoff's podcast Bidsy Small Buisness Society. I talked a LOT about video marketing for small business, and also some of the challenges I've faced as a business owner and how I've navigated them.

Have a listen if you're curious about video marketing for small business, and/or if you're curious about how we've built our business and some of the challenges we've experienced.

Thanks Rob! I had a blast.

- Jeany


DIY Videos - Staging Your Background

How to stage your videos

Here is the 2nd installment of my video series about how to make your DIY Videos look professional. My friend and colleague JoAnn Rouza who's an interior designer shared these great tips on how to stage a corner of your home so that it looks beautiful in your videos. Boy do I wish I had known these easy tips when I was starting out!

Some of the same principles that apply to interior design apply to staging your background for your videos. And of course, we can never forget about branding. Why? Because when there's a disconnect between your business's branding and your marketing materials, the customer gets confused and confused customers don't buy!

So watch the video to hear JoAnn's techniques and give it a try yourself. Inspired to give it a whirl yourself? Then feel free to post your video on Facebook and share it to my page at Compass Rose Video, but you gotta Like the page first!

As always, thanks for watching!


Series: Make Your DIY Videos Look Pro, Episode 1: Wardrobe

What You Should Wear For Your Videos

QUESTION FOR YOU: are you as tired as I am of watching an ENDLESS stream of amateurish looking videos on your Facebook newsfeed? You know the ones - the talking head in front of the blank wall, with terrible production values and the overall effect is bland and deadly to your business!

Then you need to watch my new Video Series, "How to Make Your DIY Videos Look Professional" where I'll be sharing interviews with Experts on crucial elements such as Makeup, Staging your "Set", and here to kick things off  is my friend Ashley Roda, a Branding/Image Consultant and CEO of Iconic Details, who shares her expertise on what YOU should be wearing for your Videos.

Watch through to the end for Ashley's tips on how to Brand yourself through color & symbols, and the single most important element when it comes to thinking about wardrobe on Video. And be sure to subscribe to my newsletter if you haven't already, to receive the rest of this free series on "How to Make Your DIY Videos Look Professional." Trust me, you won't want to miss it!

Thanks for watching!

xo Jeany

How DO you get so many Views?

I recently got a chance to interview Victoria Velasco Richie who's an Elite Presenter/Owner at Younique. Victoria happens to be a Video rock star that has 4000 subscribers on Youtube and has literally gotten hundreds of thousands of views on some of her videos!

I jumped at the chance to ask her, "Girl, how did you do it?" Watch this video to hear her tips, Visibility mindset and secret to her success. One of her tips has to do with the power of The Share, especially when it's by an Influencer. What influencers might you have in your back pocket who can help share your videos?

Be sure to leave your comments for me, or for Victoria, in the section below!

Thank you for watching!

Podcasts, Writing & Video

I am incredibly pleased to introduce my new Video Blog format - you'll notice that we're upleveling our Video production values in a BIG way, including a snazzy intro! Kicking off this new and improved Vlog is my interview with Mary Lou Kayser, CEO of the Kingfisher Group, and a "Secret Weapon" when it comes to helping you get your writing project off the ground and to completion.

In this Video, Mary Lou shares how she's gotten her podcast "Play Your Position" (see my last vlog to listen to my guest spot on her show) listened to in 75 countries, and why as a podcaster and writing specialist, she totally sees the value in making Videos for her business.

Why not think about how you can get creative and use Video to uplevel your business, no matter what industry you're in or what your preferred platform is?

Thanks for watching!


Demystifying Video

I just loved being a guest of my friend Mary Lou Kayser's podcast Play Your Position. Her podcast is listened to in 75 countries!

In this interview, I talk about why video is so important, and how entrepreneurs can reframe video and visibility as tools for them to leverage instead of be so intimidated by. I also talk about what I have done in my business and life to "kick off", "move the chains" and score that final "touchdown". I just love all the football metaphors! LOL

Give this a listen, as I'm sure you'll learn a thing or two as well as get to know me a little better. And ask yourself this question - how well are you playing your position in your business?

iTunes Link:

Thanks for listening!