Embrace Your Visibility

We just launched our most recent workshop over the weekend, called "Embrace Your Visibility." 14 amazing, strong, courageous women showed up, shared and explored how they can hide less and show up more in their lives and in their careers.

What we discovered is that it usually boils down to these 3 things:

1) Being brave enough to examine the limiting belief that's holding you back and writing a new, empowering message in its stead.

2) Having the courage to shine your light and trust that you won't lose the ones you love in the process.

3) Accepting the phrase "I am enough" and really believing it.

Here's a video clip from the workshop...we will be offering a free webinar on the same topic in January, and will have more live workshops in the future as well. How can YOU start embracing your visibility more, and what might that give you?