Perfect is the Enemy of Good

I've decided that I'm going to write the occasional Blog Post, no video, just as a way to express some thoughts that come up for me, or for those around me, especially in the area of Video and Video Marketing.

The Title of this post, came to me this morning care of my amazing husband, Geoff, who said this to me as he was heading out the door. We were talking about wanting to find the perfect background track for a client's Explainer Video. We have been going back and forth on this for about a week now. Ultimately, we decided to let the client make the decision - she is the one who will have to live with her video, after all, right?

I also am grappling with the issue of perfectionism as I prepare for my new Webinar tomorrow, "3 Common Video Marketing Mistakes & How to Avoid Them." My mind keeps going to the "what-ifs." What if my wifi crashes in the middle of the webinar? What if no one shows up? What if I can't navigate the darn Webinar Jam control panel? And on and on...

It occurs to me that this is the sort of thinking that may freeze some of you when you think about creating videos, or if you have already made a couple, creating the next video, and the next. You may be asking yourself, "What if it sucks? What if people make fun of me? What if no one watches it? What if someone leaves a nasty comment about my appearance, or my voice? What if I can't stand looking at myself, or hearing myself? What if everyone hates my content? What if I get labeled as an amateur because my video doesn't look professional?" These are very common thoughts, and understandable even with the level of scrutiny that we all potentially face. 

Society is so tough on us, women especially, on our appearance, our weight, our hair, our age. Women in the tech/gaming industry get hate spam just by virtue of the fact that they are female! 

My webinar, 3 Common Video Marketing Mistakes, is not intended to feed into this cycle of harsh criticism, and self-criticism. Rather, it's meant to provide a safe space to address concerns you probably already have - deal with them head on, give you tips and tools to overcome them, so that you can move on already and start making videos!!! There is the stuff you can work on : 1) Content - and that is something that we should always strive to improve, and that should serve our audience and reflect our passio. 2) Quality of video - this is very basic stuff, and just speaks to things like...maybe use a tripod and invest in a $25 mic if you're going to be making a lot of videos. Declutter one corner of your home office for your Vlogging... stuff like that. 3) On Camera Performance - speak to someone specific, think about why you love what you do, and smile once in a while!

And then there's the other stuff, that we largely have no control over. Sure we can wear a little makeup, at the very least, powder our faces so we don't look too shiny (men can do this as well.) You can arrange the camera angle so that it's flattering, overexpose yourself a little with light so that your face has a bit of a glow, and wear clothes that are flattering on camera. If you want to, sure, why not? Ultimately, I personally subscribe to the Tina Fey #1 rule of Beauty: who cares? In the end, surely what we have to offer, the message that we want to deliver from our hearts, the accumulation of our years of experience, and desire to connect and serve our community - that is way more important than any other aspect of creating video, or any other content. 

Here's the truth...we are all enough. Just the way we are. And we want to serve our best by preparing the best we can, and then you just have to decide at some point to "let go, and step into the flow," right? Let's not be paralyzed in our quest for perfect. Let's strive to be "good," okay, maybe even "excellent" - but only by standards that we ourselves set.

Looking forward to watching all your videos! 

- Jeany