Focusing Our Business

Announcing the new development in our business...we are going to be focusing on...(drumroll please!) VIDEOGRAPHY!!!

I know what you're thinking: "But this is what you guys have been focusing on all along!" True dat, true dat. However, we've had somewhat of a revelation recently. As you may know, we have had a dual focus at Compass Rose Video of both videography, and in addition, coaching in the form of private 1:1 clients, and group coaching with my Mastermind Circle. 

We've decided, for now, to focus more on the videography and let go of the coaching aspect of the business for the main reason that we'd rather do 1 thing really well, than 2 things only medium well. Wait, that sounds like I'm ordering a burger! ;)

Click on the image above to learn more about this development! Interested in talking about what kind of video YOU should be making to market your business right now? Then email me at to set up your free Video Branding Strategy session.


Thanks for watching!