Why Aren't You Livestreaming Yet?

By now a lot of you have been hearing about Periscope, the app that lets you livestream to Twitter. What's livestreaming? It's when you can take viewers live with you at any time, in real time, and let you see what you're doing via your mobile device, and shares it on Social Media.

I haven't been very big on Periscope, as I'm not a big Twitter person - I spend a lot more time on Facebook, and that's where most of YOU are hanging out as well, am I right? So that's why I'm so PSYCHED about Facebook Live! It also enables you to livestream, but right to Facebook! And then it gets saved to your timeline and if you like, to your page, and you can even download the video and embed it to your website. Brilliant, right?

So here are 3 reasons you should start using livestreaming in your biz right away:

1) The 1-2 punch of real time engagement with your viewers + replay views has huge impact, and usually leads to hundreds of views - especially if you share the replay in various groups.

2) It's a fantastic way to grow your personal brand, as you are front and center as the star of each of your livestreams.

3) The COOL factor - not a lot of folks have caught on yet, so if you start now, your COOLness and CREDIBILITY factor bump up instantanously.

Here's the replay of a livestream Q&A Session I recently did on Facebook, where I talk how to use FB Live, and ways to leverage it in your business.