Series: Make Your DIY Videos Look Pro, Episode 1: Wardrobe

What You Should Wear For Your Videos

QUESTION FOR YOU: are you as tired as I am of watching an ENDLESS stream of amateurish looking videos on your Facebook newsfeed? You know the ones - the talking head in front of the blank wall, with terrible production values and the overall effect is bland and deadly to your business!

Then you need to watch my new Video Series, "How to Make Your DIY Videos Look Professional" where I'll be sharing interviews with Experts on crucial elements such as Makeup, Staging your "Set", and here to kick things off  is my friend Ashley Roda, a Branding/Image Consultant and CEO of Iconic Details, who shares her expertise on what YOU should be wearing for your Videos.

Watch through to the end for Ashley's tips on how to Brand yourself through color & symbols, and the single most important element when it comes to thinking about wardrobe on Video. And be sure to subscribe to my newsletter if you haven't already, to receive the rest of this free series on "How to Make Your DIY Videos Look Professional." Trust me, you won't want to miss it!

Thanks for watching!

xo Jeany