DIY Videos - Staging Your Background

How to stage your videos

Here is the 2nd installment of my video series about how to make your DIY Videos look professional. My friend and colleague JoAnn Rouza who's an interior designer shared these great tips on how to stage a corner of your home so that it looks beautiful in your videos. Boy do I wish I had known these easy tips when I was starting out!

Some of the same principles that apply to interior design apply to staging your background for your videos. And of course, we can never forget about branding. Why? Because when there's a disconnect between your business's branding and your marketing materials, the customer gets confused and confused customers don't buy!

So watch the video to hear JoAnn's techniques and give it a try yourself. Inspired to give it a whirl yourself? Then feel free to post your video on Facebook and share it to my page at Compass Rose Video, but you gotta Like the page first!

As always, thanks for watching!