My Interview with Dana Corey

I recently had the opportunity to interview and be interviewed by Dana Corey, a high powered business coach who now earns multiple 6 figures/year helping entrepreneurs become the CEO's of their businesses. Dana is also a client, a mentor and I'm happy to say, a dear friend.

The thing is, that every time I would help Dana with one of her videos I would learn so much from chatting with her and she always had the best content! So I wanted you to benefit from learning how she grew her business, the secret to her success - and what does this all have to do with sex toys? (We really have your attention now, don't we?)

Turns out that Dana has been intrigued with my progress as a newer entrepreneur, and she had some questions for me as well - so if you've ever been curious about how I've grown my business so quickly, here's where you can learn the answer.

Also, Dana wants you to know that she's holding 5 open spots for you as members of my tribe, to get business clarity consults. First 5 to respond will get her eyes on your stuff and strategies for your business during a 60 minute call. Trust me, you don't want to miss out on this opportunity! You can connect with her at

Until next time!