Use text & other visuals in your Videos

Did you know that 82% of Facebook users view videos without the sound on? So how do you make sure that viewers will tune in long enough to catch your important content?

Apart from captioning and/or holding up handwritten notes on paper (that can get old after a while) you can insert text and other visuals in your video to cue your audience. For example, in this video that we created for Little Engineers starring owner Czarina Boyce, we inserted graphics and text that lets her prospective customers know valuable information such as age range, services, and special offerings that her business provides. 

You'll also notice the huge logo in the background whenever the camera is focused on her, and the logo is prominent on the t-shirt she is wearing, and that several of the kids are wearing as well.

Make sure that everything you use goes with your business's branding so that nothing looks out of place. The effect should be seamless!

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