4 Tips on Creating your Video eCourse

If you've been thinking about expanding your offerings online, chances are that you're considering creating some kind of online course, or eCourse, in order to create an evergreen product aka 'making money while you sleep.' Or perhaps you have already created such an animal, but it was basically a screenshare of a powerpoint + voiceover.

Well, as you've most likely noticed, this is now considered passe and incorporating talking head video is where it's at! When your audience can see your beautiful face talking passionately and knowledgeably about your subject matter, they connect with you on a deeper subconscious level, and are much more likely to want to coach with you, and/or sign up for your higher priced offerings.

In fact, some eCourse platforms, like Udemy, demand that at least 20% of your course is made up of video or they won't even consider you! Watch my video in order to hear a few free tips on creating your own professional eCourse using video. Email me at jeany@compassrosevideo.com if you want to sign up for a free 30 min consultation on how YOU can incorporate video for your next eCourse!

Thanks for watching!

Jeany Park
CEO, Compass Rose Video