Behind the scene at our home studio

I've been doing a lot more livestreaming lately, and I'm going to pass on one of my favorite tips to you right here, right now! Do a livestream when you're behind the scenes of something educational and fun! For example, here's a livestream I did this morning at the videoshoot for one of my favorite all time clients, Dara Corey, High Performance Business Strategist & International Speaker. She also happens to be my business coach.

We taped the 2nd part of her speaker reel at our home studio/converted living room (the 1st part took place at one of her talks.) I wanted people to see not only what it's like behind the scenes of a videoshoot, it also teaches potential clients that if you shoot a video with us in our home studio or in yours, it's less expensive because we don't have to pass on the cost of the space rental.

See? Lots of engagement, and I'm also accomplishing lots of other objectives. So when thinking about livestreaming, make sure you take advantage of entertaining, educational and fun events to create maximum engagement with your audience.

Thanks for watching!

Jeany Park
CEO, Compass Rose Video