What if you don't want to appear in your videos?

I know, I know, some of you will NEVER be caught dead in front of a video camera, even though you know that you need video marketing for your business. Well this post is for you!

And the reason may be that you are extremely introverted, perhaps you were traumatized by a past experience on camera, or maybe you're struggling with a physical change e.g. weight gain or just plain old aging! 

The bad news is that - yes, you still need video! But the good news is, there are ways to make videos for your business without having to appear in them. Click on the image above to learn about them. And know that at Compass Rose Video, while we do specialize in videos with human bodies in them - we can make other kinds of videos as well. Just email me at jeany@compassrosevideo.com to set up a time so I can explain more.

Thanks for watching!